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Introducing SK Crystal, the ultimate destination for crystal enthusiasts. Based in Australia, our Crystal Shop offers an awe-inspiring collection of meticulously cut crystals ethically sourced from different countries across the globe. Embracing tremendous growth, SK Crystal proudly operates three stunning stores in Sydney, Central Coast and Byron Bay.

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At SK Crystal, we are always proud and excited over our unbeatable collection of crystals, jewellery, geodes, and so much more! We offer an extraordinary range of crystals from the finest sources across the globe that will leave you mesmerised. Embrace the power of nature and choose from our vast selection of the best and most beneficial crystals.

Our crystals transmit positive, healing, energising, and calming vibrations that help you achieve a peaceful mind & body.  Empower your life with vibrational crystals and energise your frequency.

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You can purchase Crystals from our website, on our Instagram or Facebook. You can also find us at our stores: 35 Sydney Road, Manly – in Sydney and Shop 9B Feros Arcade, 23 Jonson Street in Byron Bay, where you are free to come to browse our unique crystals in our shop.

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