Looking for the perfect gift that sparkles with meaning? Explore our gift ideas collection featuring crystals from SK Crystal. Whether you're shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion, our curated selection offers unique and thoughtful options.


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Gift Idea 14
Gift Idea 14 Sale price$45.00
Gift Idea 13
Gift Idea 13 Sale price$55.00
Gift Idea 12
Gift Idea 12 Sale price$60.00
Gift Idea 11
Gift Idea 11 Sale price$70.00
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Gift Idea 10
Gift Idea 10 Sale price$55.00
Gift Idea 9
Gift Idea 9 Sale price$45.00
Gift Idea 8
Gift Idea 8 Sale price$55.00
Gift Idea 7
Gift Idea 7 Sale price$50.00
Gift Idea 5
Gift Idea 5 Sale price$40.00
Gift Idea 4
Gift Idea 4 Sale price$50.00
Gift Idea 3
Gift Idea 3 Sale price$60.00
Gift Idea 2
Gift Idea 2 Sale price$115.00
Chrysocolla Necklace
Chrysocolla Necklace Sale price$135.00
Tiger's Eye KeyChain
Tiger's Eye KeyChain Sale price$27.00
Gift Idea 1
Gift Idea 1 Sale price$110.00
Citrine Heart Necklace
Citrine Heart Necklace Sale price$50.00
Pink Amethyst Cat COD01
Pink Amethyst Cat COD01 Sale price$110.00
Pink Amethyst Heart
Pink Amethyst Heart Sale price$80.00
Pink Amethyst Star
Pink Amethyst Star Sale price$62.00
4 Pink Amethyst Free Form
4 Pink Amethyst Free Form Sale price$180.00
African Turquoise Choker Necklace
Carnelian Choker Necklace
Carnelian Choker Necklace Sale price$47.00
Mixed Crystal Bottles
Mixed Crystal Bottles Sale price$30.00
Clear Quartz Necklace
Clear Quartz Necklace Sale price$60.00